Welcome to Appunfold!

Appunfold is an in-app contextual help SDK for native mobile apps. We allow Product Managers/Owners to create intelligent visual walkthroughs for users and help them complete an activity. Based on pre-determined rules (set on Appunfold Dashboard), the SDK pops-up an in-app contextual help menu to assist users with the right content.

With Appunfold SDK, you can provide two kinds of help for users:

  • Walkthroughs - to help users complete an action across multiple screens.
  • Screen tours - to help users understand various aspects of a single screen.

On this site, we provide instructions to integrate Appunfold SDK with Android and iOS apps. The following sections are organised as follows:

  1. Create an Account on Appunfold Dashboard.
  2. Upload your first Android or iOS app.
  3. Generate an API key for SDK integration.
  4. Set the right environment variables.
  5. Steps for Android and iOS integration.
  6. Troubleshooting

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